Frequently Asked Questions

What we do is pretty unique, so we are used to getting many questions. If you have any questions about what we do and how we do it, this is a great place to start.


How did you get the name Cabrio Taxi?

Cabriolet (1): A cabriolet is a light horse-drawn vehicle, with two wheels and a single horse. In 1834, Architect Joseph Hansom of Leicestershire, England, patented a vehicle, called a Hansom Cabriolet with some of the earlier features of this type of cab. The carriage has a folding hood that can cover its two occupants, while the driver remains on an elevated seat behind with the reins running above the roof. It had a low center of gravity for safety in cornering.

Cabriolet (2): A cabriolet is a car body style usually applied to a vehicle with a folding convertible roof. It connotes luxury.

Cabrio Taxi (3): Our pedicabs combine the gentility of a horse drawn cabriolet with the utility of a convertible to provide an pollution-free one of a kind experience. Serving as ambassadors of this experience, our drivers bridge the divide between old-world gentility and new-world convenience.

How many pedicabs do you have?

Our fleet is comprised of 30 sparkly red pedicabs. Each red pedicab can fit 2 people very comfortably, and tightly fight 3 average adults. Our riders can handle up to 4 people for short distances.

What happens if the weather gets bad?

Each red pedicab has an all weather canopy and an attachable canvas that keeps passengers safe from the elements. During colder days, many drivers provide passengers with blankets.

Where can you go in the city?

We can travel anywhere in the city of San Francisco – Up hills, across the city, and even through congested areas. Many times during rush hour, pedicabs are the fastest way to get around town. We travel at a pace of 8-12 minutes per mile depending on terrain and traffic.


How can my campaign be most effective?

Pedicabs offer an outstanding platform to reach numerous demographics throughout San Francisco. We know San Francisco and where your target audience will be. Are you looking to reach out to attendees at a Moscone Center convention, shoppers at Union Square, Tourist in Fisherman’s Wharf, or bay area residents attending a special event? If so, we will deliver your message, in style.

What about collateral?

If you have something you wish for us to distribute to passengers, we absolutely can! We often hand out flyers/coupons for special promotions, and can serve as brand ambassadors in a number of ways.

What about attire?

We have a uniform we look good in. However, if you wish us to wear your brand, we certainly can.

How do you measure impact?

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We can help you design and implement any number of systems – voucher tracking, QR codes, tweets – to track results of your campaign.