Hard Rock Cafe

In the Fall of 2011, with the slow season settling in along San Francisco’s Embarcadero, Hard Rock Cafe was looking for a way to quickly increase traffic to their restaurant and merchandise store at Pier 39. Pedicab experiential marketing and advertising campaigns were a new concept for Hard Rock Cafe, so they wanted to conduct a trial campaign that they could directly measure the results. Cabrio Taxi’s drivers were equipped with trackable discount vouchers and Hard Rock T-shirts that tied into their national U-Rock campaign.

Measuring Success

During the trial campaign, we provided all our passengers with Hard Rock promotional offers and handed out vouchers to people walking by our pedicabs. Throughout the two week campaign Cabrio Taxi made tens of thousands of impressions, but also delivered measurable returns via the voucher tracking system.

With the success of the trial campaign, Hard Rock decided to brand multiple pedicabs through all of 2012 and 2013. Despite scaling back other media buys along the Embarcadero, Hard Rock is continuing the pedicab campaign throughout 2014, creating more impressions and converting more potential customers into paying customers.

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Client: Hard Rock Cafe
Campaign: U-Rock
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